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Protecting Michigan Families’ Health Care

Early this year, Michigan House Democrats introduced a Health Care Bill of Rights to protect people in our state from Washington, D.C. Republicans constant attempts to take health care away from millions of families.  Big insurance companies and prescription drugmakers might be happy about bills that would cause health care costs to skyrocket, but it’s Michigan’s working people and middle-class families that will pay the price for increasing their profits.   Their plan will cause seniors to have to pay five times more for the health insurance they need.  People with pre-existing conditions like cancer, asthma, and diabetes could lose coverage altogether or be forced to pay sky-high rates that might not cover their condition.  We say no to this plan.  Instead, we want to people in Michigan to stay protected from skyrocketing cost increases and coverage cuts no matter what Washington D.C. politicians do. 

Keeping Prescription Drug Costs Down

Michigan House Democrats want to stop big price spikes in prescription drugs that impact millions of people in our state.  People have to pay $500 for epilepsy medication that costs $30 to make.  And the price of medication to treat opioid overdoses — a growing problem in Michigan — has skyrocketed from 92 cents to $2,000.  That kind of price gouging on prescriptions people need to survive is just immoral.  Politicians in the pocket of Big Pharma aren’t doing anything about it.  But we’re fighting to keep politicians and these multi-billion-dollar companies accountable and get the price of life-saving medications down in Michigan.  Democrats have a plan to establish a Drug Consumers Protection Board (DCPD) will be established, primarily composed of consumer advocates.  Drug companies will have to submit any price increase above 10% in one year or 30% over five years to this panel for approval and face penalties if they’re not justified.

Stopping Wage Theft

Michigan House Democrats are fighting for people who work for a living.  Millions of Michiganders work hard and play by the rules, but too many feel like they’re falling behind anyway.  What many people don’t know is that wage theft is a huge problem.  Each year, Michigan workers have almost $500 million stolen directly from their paychecks by unscrupulous employers who don’t pay workers correct hours, their overtime or even tips.  Some are forced to work off the clock or skip their lunch breaks.  The bottom line is that many people that work hard and play by the rules are not seeing every dollar that they’ve earned — money that can be used to pay the mortgage, pay the heating bill a child’s education or set aside for retirement. Too many politicians in Michigan look the other way to this serious crime.  It’s time to do something about it.  The Michigan House Democrats’ plan would make wage theft a felony and increase the amount workers could get paid back for their lost wages and benefits.  The plan doubles the number of enforcement agents and protects whistleblowers.

Help Businesses that Hire Michigan Workers

Michigan has the best workforce in the country.  This is where things are made and things get done.  Every year, the State of Michigan awards hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts to companies, but only about three-quarters of them go to Michigan firms.  Michigan Made Great is fighting to make sure that the more of our taxpayer dollars goes to State businesses that hire Michigan workers and keep our economy going here at home.  Why should our tax dollars go to create jobs in other states and countries?  They shouldn’t.  It only makes sense to keep more dollars in Michigan, where they go to our workers, our employers and help build better schools, better roads and better public safety.