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Michigan Made Great is dedicated to standing up for Michigan families and things that matter in their lives.

We fight for the people who far too often are overlooked by politicians in Lansing and Washington because they don’t have high-priced lobbyists and special interests on their side. We believe that no one in Michigan that works hard and plays by the rules should live in constant worry that they’ll no longer be able to keep their homes, live in safe areas with good schools, and afford to save up for their retirement and their children’s futures.  That’s wrong and needs to change.  We believe that we need to hold politicians accountable, especially when they too often listen to special interests, not the people they’re supposed to represent. 

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 Help us fight for what matters most to Michigan middle class and working families: better jobs and paychecks, lower health care and prescription costs for middle-class families, and making sure our tax dollars create jobs here at home.

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